ÂGÉE recounts the ideas of another era With the suave edge of today.
Because with time everything takes on a different charm. Even hotter.
The past bursting into the present.

With ÂGÉE we give value back to uniqueness. To memory.
To a concept of style that goes beyond trends.
To an idea of unconventional sensuality.
A tribute to the beauty of passing time.


The jewels collected by ÂGÉE are unique and all different from each other, chosen and discovered with care and passion.

Each piece tells a story to be imagined and made one’s own, to write a new chapter. It’s a perpetual flow between past and present that brings a breath of fresh air, with the thrill of past times.

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precious treasures for all ages AND GENDERS


Âgée designs a circle,
it is the return of something that already exists presented in a new light, is to rethink jewellery in a sustainable way.