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If you know me, you know that for important occasions I like to celebrate and I rarely like to do it in a whisper :) ÂGÉE is a project that was...

If you know me, you know that for important occasions I like to celebrate and I rarely like to do it in a whisper :)

ÂGÉE is a project that was born in my head two years ago and when I decided to launch it, I could not help but think of an event that would fully reflect its essence: vintage but pop, sophisticated but fun, eclectic but refined. WTF?

Yes, exactly, it's not easy to explain but ÂGÉE plays with contrasts and I think that's its real strength. The possibility of buying a unique vintage piece, with its own history already lived, allows the wearer to give it a new life and to be the author of the next chapter...

But let's get to real essence of this post: the ÂGÉE event.

WHEN: 7/04/2022

WHO: vintage lovers and LIL community

WHERE: internal courtyard of LIL House

WHY: because there is always a good reason to celebrate

Often when customers arrive at LIL House, they tell us how beautiful location is and especially how fascinating the inner courtyard of the Art Nouveau building is in which we are settled. After all, we are in Milan, the city that appears severe and rigid with its large imposing facades but that hides within itself, courts and corners of unique charm - exactly like ÂGÉE. The main colors of the new brand are lilac and lime green, a contrast that immediately struck me and that I wanted to become the chromatic essence of ÂGÉE.

In collaboration with La Fiorellaia, the entire location was adorned with beautiful flowers, especially lilies also called LILium (coincidence? Absolutely not!) and believe me that the effect was really wow.

I faced great indecision about what to offer to the guests: classic aperitif, finger food...? Anything about it! Champagne and French fries.

For ÂGÉE the keywords were: vintage and pop, so I thought of objects that had a retro soul, revisited with modern colors and graphics: Scarves and matches - this is the branded ÂGÉE merchandising.

In all this you may be wondering: ok, all very nice but what about the jewelry?

I'll explain that right now. We decided to create a dynamic display on the outside keeping a fixed one inside the showroom - outside the jewelry was displayed on trays held by a team of guys who allowed anyone who was enjoying the evening to browse the new collection.

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